A R I S E :


We spend a lot of time during Lent rooting out sin and reorienting our hearts towards God.

It's good and necessary to remember our need for Jesus, especially in such an intentional and long-term commitment kind of way.

But, many of us don’t put nearly the same amount of energy into really celebrating the thing we're preparing for:


The story of our Saviour does not end on the cross, dying for our sins. He was raised from the dead! We have new life in Him!

The Easter season is 10 days longer than Lent. Shouldn’t that tell us something of its importance? 

This 50-Day Easter Devotional will be sent as a downloadable & printable PDF, as well as daily emails for the entire Easter season.

Join women from around the world as we reflect & act upon what it means to walk in the newness of life Christ offers us.

“Talitha, Koum!

Little Girl, I say to you, arise!

Live in the newness of life.” 

(Mark 5:41, Romans 6:4) 

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